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Whether you require product registration or sales and marketing support, PharmaLink, our sales & marketing division, is here to assist you through every step of the value chain and each stage of a product's life cycle.
PharmaLink is your gateway for business expansion in Asia.

As the leading pharmaceutical and healthcare marketing specialist in South East Asia, PharmaLink offers significant reach throughout the region. We provide tailored solutions for each phase of your product life cycle. Starting with regulatory affairs consultancy and administration to developing product management plans, and the successful execution thereof. With our experienced talent, we help you achieve greater sales success in this fast-growing but complex pharmaceutical market.

Take advantage of the services you need, and use PharmaLink as your complete turnkey agent:

1. Market Intelligence & Consulting Services
We leverage our analytical and research capabilities to develop insightful and executable marketing strategies and launch plans for your product. These include creating feasibility studies pre-launch and surveying the market as your product matures.

2. Regulatory & Medical Affairs
Our regional knowledge and country expertise enables PharmaLink to provide localized and customized product registration solutions. This includes filing, engagement with authorities, post-registration license management, and pharmacovigilance activities.

3. Contract Sales & Marketing
Our CSO model deploys knowledgeable medical representatives to effectively promote your products to hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies. This tailored model allows flexibility in providing marketing and / or sales management solutions.

4. Agency Models
With this turnkey solution, we act as your local agent to oversee your products’ activities from regulatory affairs, supply chain management, to marketing and field force recruitment and deployment. Our expertise and access to market intelligence are leveraged for your success.

5. Tailored Commercial Models
Our bespoke commercialization solutions provide unique partnership models to suit your needs. We manage regulatory affairs, marketing, sales and distribution on your behalf to meet your desired objectives and timeframe.

With our decade of marketing and sales experience, access to key markets, and our vast knowledge base, PharmaLink is an expedient solution for those seeking to enter and succeed in Asian markets.

Tell us about your requirements and learn how our sales & marketing experts can help.

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