APL Management Trainee, Annisa Ayudhita Chandra, recently completed a 6-month assignment as a supply chain & engineering project executive. Now back in Indonesia, she gives us insight into this experience & how she believes it has helped to accelerate her career with Zuellig Pharma.

Share with us more about yourself.

I have been with APL for close to 2 years as a management trainee. This means I spend 3 months within every APL department to get hands-on experience in every area of our business. Despite having graduated with a marketing degree, I am very interested in supply chain management, which is why I jumped at the chance to take this 6-month assignment with the regional team

What was the biggest takeaway from the program?

I first started my role in the regional office in November last year & was assigned a mentor - Head of Engineering, Ryan Cruz who I worked with on different operational excellence projects. With his guidance I was able to get a much better understanding of the basics of engineering & how we can optimize warehouse processes to achieve greater cost & operational efficiency. Ryan also gave me the opportunity to help conduct training & support the regional team with analysis on Time Study, Slotting, Order Profiling, Shift Patterns, Resource and Space Analysis & 3D Layout Designs. As part of my final module, I worked with the Singapore Operations Director, Ng Chin Lee on a project to improve their picking strategy.

Now that you are back at APL, how has your job role changed?

I have moved into the Logistics & Operational Excellence team at APL taking care of the various branches in Indonesia. I support DC Manager, Harry Istianto on conducting training sessions & operational excellence projects. I am looking forward to bringing some of the learnings from my time in Singapore, & particularly the time I spent in the Changi Distribution Centre, to APL to help optimize our local supply chain.

Would you recommend the regional exchange program to other employees?

Yes, I think this is a good program for all departments to have. It was interesting to see the different operating styles in both offices & I was able to learn things that I can apply to my current job at APL. It was also nice to meet different people & make new friends.