Zuellig Pharma has invested in Singapore-based healthtech startup Klinify, helping to drive the development of technology that allows doctors to go digital without interrupting their work processes. Klinify is a cloud-based clinic management solution that Zuellig Pharma Head of Strategy & Solutions Maarten Kelder said is a game-changer for the healthcare industry.

“Klinify helps doctors migrate to electronic records using tablets, making the digitization of medical information much more efficient. This gives doctors more time to spend with patients as it reduces their administrative burden and ensures that they have patients’ medical records easily available whenever they are needed.”

He added that this new partnership will focus on making Klinify a ‘one-stop-shop’ for doctors.

“We see Klinify as a platform to bring clinic management into the digital age. We will do this by making existing Zuellig Pharma services such as product ordering and inventory management available through the application. This will make it easy for doctors to automate these processes, reducing the complexity of clinic management.”

Klinify Founder and CEO Krishanthan Surendran said the partnership with Zuellig Pharma will accelerate the adoption of Klinify across the region.

“Zuellig Pharma has been operating in Asia for almost a century. It has relationships with tens of thousands of clinics across Asia, providing us with reach and access to new customers and markets. The ability to integrate Zuellig Pharma’s existing logistics services will mean doctors get significantly more value out of Klinify as it will create a single portal for many of their clinic management needs.”

Zuellig Pharma Corporate Venture & Partnerships Manager Benjamin Belot said Klinify will help doctors extend care beyond clinic walls.

“As the region’s healthcare needs continue to grow and evolve, we need to find ways to support patients in new ways. By integrating Zuellig Pharma’s services and solutions, Klinify has the potential to help doctors manage their patients’ conditions remotely.”

Zuellig Pharma’s investment in Klinify follows the launch of the company’s new Singapore-based innovation centre. Zuellig Pharma will invest more than $50 million in this centre over the next 5 years to develop new solutions and technology that will better serve the needs of the healthcare community.

“Klinify is part of this commitment,” said Mr Kelder. “We want to work with entrepreneurs like Krishanthan to enable the growth and development of exciting new solutions that have the potential to make healthcare more accessible in Asia.”