Zuellig Pharma Thailand has implemented a next generation reporting system that will allow the company to provide clients with real time information on product portfolios and performance.

Zuellig Pharma Chief Information Officer Maikel Kuijpers said: “We have migrated our legacy system to HANA – an in-memory data platform that lets you accelerate business processes, deliver real-time business intelligence, and simplify our IT environment. This transition makes it much more efficient for us to deliver information to clients, providing them with a new level of market transparency that helps them to identify and leverage market opportunities.”

He added that HANA will also provide a better user experience.

“HANA allows us to streamline the data management process, making it easier to track and analyse information. We can also leverage the content delivered through the HANA system and integrate it with other data sources to generate much faster and more effective insights.”

This transition is the first step towards the launch of a new self-service portal for clients and customers.

“This will be a game-changer. There is a huge amount of information generated by the healthcare industry every day but it is often not effectively analyzed or available in real-time. This new portal will allow healthcare companies to log on and get instant information on their sales and inventory. This will help to optimize route to market, sales and marketing strategies as well as inventory management,” said Mr Kuijpers.