Zuellig Pharma provides training and support for pharmacists as their role shifts from dispensing drugs to becoming primary healthcare providers.


Community pharmacies are becoming a first choice for trusted healthcare advice.

Pharmacists don’t just dispense medicine, they are available to offer personalized healthcare and well-being advice, basic health checks and information about disease prevention.

They take the time to provide fully customized disease-management programs, promoting good health in the communities they serve.

Pharmacies are designed to ensure patients find a comfortable environment in which they can consult with pharmacists in a confidential manner.

Besides pharmaceutical training, a full range of high quality, authentic pharmaceutical and consumer-health products are also offered. With a modern store layout and innovative merchandising, including a private-label lines, modern stores offer customers the highest quality available in pharmacy healthcare provision.




YesChain Pharmacy in Taiwan has served the local healthcare community for 20 years and today has a network of over 100 stores.

In addition to operating retail pharmacies, YesChain offers an online store, innovative store-in-store concepts in large supermarkets and a disease-management program that focuses on diabetes. It also offers innovative pharmacy solutions such as online prescriptions, the Life Plus Diabetes Care Card and the Life Plus diabetes app.

YesChain’s one-stop diabetes care includes a free bluetooth glucose meter to record health data, online script registration and a script collection reminder through an SMS, as well as membership to the Life Plus diabetes app and online shopping.

The Life Plus diabetes app is a multichannel app for diabetes management. Working in sync with the bluetooth blood sugar measurements, it tracks and monitors results, which the pharmacist then reviews to provide advice and health screening. If necessary, the pharmacist refers customers to doctors.

Promoting good health and well-being through an unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service is the focus of My Pharmacy in all of its 16 stores in the Johor Bahru area. This is exemplified through its service offerings, which include health checks and comprehensive disease management programs.

Medexpress is the Philippines’ leading provider of outpatient pharmacy management services to hospitals and corporates. It manages the pharmacies in 25 hospitals in the Philippines as well as the in-house pharmacies for several large corporates in the country, enabling them to focus on their core operations.

Its trained pharmacists provide advice to patients in-store and it has developed a range of customized patient programs that help educate patients about treatment regimens and drive patient adherence. It also provides call center and delivery services to its clients across the Philippines.
Medexpress is owned by Medford, a company which is jointly owned ZCM Corporation and Silverlink Venture. ZCM Corporation is owned by the Zuellig family, while Silverlink Venture is an affiliate of United Laboratories, Inc.


We are reinventing the role of pharmacists in Asia by providing them with the tools they need to become their customers’ primary health coaches and ease the burden placed on primary healthcare providers through the Life Plus Pharmacy Academy.

This Academy provides pharmacists and store associates with comprehensive professional training on healthcare and customer service.

The curriculum includes in-class and online training on a variety of topics, ranging from retail management and product knowledge to therapy, chronic-disease management and healthcare seminars.

Our Life Plus trained pharmacists do not just dispense medicine, they provide well-being advice, including health checks. They also provide information about disease prevention and management to support personalized healthcare.

The Life Plus training program helps pharmacists build relationships and empathise with patients throughout their healthcare journeys.

Both pharmacists and customers benefit from the exposure to the latest advances and best practices within the pharmaceutical community.

The Life Plus Pharmacy Academy is currently offered in Taiwan and Malaysia.


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