To become the digital platform of choice, connecting the healthcare ecosystem in Asia.

In order to address Asia’s fragmented healthcare ecosystem, Zuellig Pharma provides digital platforms which connect Clients, Customers, Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) and Patients, thereby improving healthcare access and outcomes.

Supplementing our bricks and mortar infrastructure, our digital platforms drive growth for our Clients and Customers by enhancing their engagement with HCPs and Patients. Ultimately, these tools equip and empower Clients and Customers to help improve health outcomes for Patients.



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ZiP is a powerful set of data tools that helps Clients know their competition, have oversight of operations and understand Customers. With these tools, data can be efficiently extracted and converted to actionable insights for more informed and timely decision making.

eZTracker uses blockchain technology to drive transparency in the pharmaceutical supply chain by authenticating medication throughout each step - from manufacturing to our distribution centres, and then from our distribution centres to clinics and Patients. The application is downloadable on Google Play Store and the App Store.

Our Partners:

ZYLLEM is a digital platform that helps build, manage and operate complex logistics networks at a lower cost. It provides visibility across all logistics operations, intelligent tracking and transport route optimisation. The platform is currently live in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines and Thailand.


eZRx is an online portal that enables constant connection and engagement with Customers. Through the platform, Customers can order products, make payments and arrange returns seamlessly. Users are also able to track orders, view account statements and review purchasing balance to optimise inventory management.

Our Partners:

DOCQUITY is Southeast Asia’s #1 digital platform for continuous medical education and networking for Doctors. There are more than 100,000+ users across Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia.

KLINIFY is a digital assistant for Doctors, which unlocks the power of real-world medical data. The platform has over 1,000 GPs and 300,000 Patient encounters per month in Malaysia.


i-Switch+ supports patient access and affordability programmes by helping patients manage the cost of their long term medication. The tool enables HCPs to easily track patients’ rebates and provides alerts when they are entitled to free medication. It also supports patient journeys by encouraging lifestyle changes to reduce the risk of chronic lifestyle diseases. Launched in December 2019, the platform has more than 2,000 patient users to date.

eZPAP is an affordability programme portal and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution designed to shorten lead time on administration of free drugs and support Patients by creating a seamless flow from registration to delivery. The platform is currently live in Malaysia, Philippines and Taiwan.

Our Partners:

MEDADVISOR is a digital medication management platform that connects Patients to Pharmacies to drive adherence through reminders and education. The platform has close to 2 million users in Australia and is being launched in Philippines and Malaysia, to be followed by other markets.

SENSELY is an artificial intelligence-powered virtual conversational chatbot (virtual nurse) that facilitates access to high quality and affordable healthcare by turning static content into natural conversations. It helps HCPs to engage Patients in an effective and scalable way to ensure better outcomes and lower cost of healthcare. The platform has users from North America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia.

Reach52 is a digital platform that connects underserved, lower-middle class communities to healthcare stakeholders, such as Doctors, Pharmacies, Insurers, Pharma Companies and more. Reach52 combines an award-winning tech ecosystem with in-community resources to provide healthcare access to underserved communities. The platform is currently active in the Philippines and Cambodia.


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