Building a Sustainable Future

Making healthcare more accessible in Asia has underpinned the Zuellig Pharma business throughout our hundred year history and has seen us grow to become one of the largest providers of healthcare services in the region. Our approach to business has always involved looking beyond immediate needs to consider the long term future of our employees, clients and customers. We continue to be driven by an active commitment to support, enhance and strengthen the communities we operate in.


With the steady progress of our transformation journey following the launch of the Zuellig Health Solutions Innovation Centre in 2016, we embarked on a journey to extend this philosophy and make sustainability an integral part of the way we run our business. This will ensure that we will continue to operate our business in a sustainable manner, maximising impact for all our key stakeholders and the communities we serve.

We recognised the importance of identifying material sustainability-related issues where we can make a real difference, coupled with a clear sustainability strategy to help us frame and communicate our ambitions. Both are important to galvanise our teams, attract the best partners to work with, and continue our journey towards a sustainable long-term future business model.

One of the foundations of our sustainability agenda was an extensive survey we conducted with internal and external stakeholders, including manufacturers, medical providers, pharmacies and government representatives. Global, regional and in-market perspectives of all stakeholders were captured and form the basis of our sustainability priorities.

Together with a benchmarking exercise and several leadership workshops, these perspectives were shaped into our Sustainability Framework, which outlines the most important material issues where our company can make a difference. These 22 issues are grouped under four sustainability themes (pillars), which form the foundation of our approach towards sustainability. Each pillar and issue is ‘owned’ by different members of our executive and senior management teams.

Many of the 22 material sustainability issues have been part of our operating procedures for many years, in particular those relating to Setting the Highest Standards of Integrity and Nurturing Talent. We used this process to sharpen them and set longer term goals. However, several others are newer to Zuellig Pharma, in particular material issues relating to Improving Health Outcomes and Respecting the Environment.


We joined the United Nations Global Compact in 2019 to bring to life our sustainability vision of building a healthier future for Asia and fulfil our mission of making healthcare more accessible. We are firmly committed to supporting the Global Compact and implementing its Ten Principles across our 13 markets.

Our first Communication on Progress outlines Zuellig Pharma’s commitments, management systems and activities in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. In each of these areas, we have identified key performance indicators to measure and report annually. We recognise that sustainability is a journey and are committed to developing challenging but achievable targets for these indicators to achieve our goals.

Download the report below.

  2019 Communication on Progress  

In 2020 and beyond, we will continue to roll out the highest priority sustainability-related action plans, working towards our mission of making healthcare more accessible. Access the latest news about Sustainability at Zuellig Pharma here:

Zuellig Pharma awarded EcoVadis Silver Medal 2020 for Sustainability  
2020 Sustainability Update from our Annual Magazine 

We look forward to working with all our stakeholders and partners on this important agenda. Please reach out to if you have any questions or would like to join us in building a healthier future for communities in Asia.