State-of-the-art, end-to-end pharmaceutical distribution solutions across 13 markets in the region.
Discover our comprehensive distribution services tailored to the healthcare industry. We specialise in pharmaceutical logistics, ensuring seamless warehousing, redressing, pick & pack, credit management, and efficient delivery across Asia. With 90% coverage, we reach even the most remote areas, making sure your products access all relevant channels.

Partner with a top-tier pharma distribution company for the distribution of pharmaceutical products, including generic medicines. Our robust pharmaceutical supply chain guarantees your solutions meet specific requirements, meeting diverse healthcare categories.
We offer cutting-edge pharmaceutical distribution solutions through our advanced logistics network.
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Access End-to-End Pharmaceutical Distribution Solutions

We specialise in distributing pharmaceutical healthcare products with superior market access to meet your unique needs.
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Our infrastructure allows us to work with shorter turnaround times to meet all of your urgent product delivery needs without compromising the highest pharmaceutical quality service.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

Our distribution capacity spans over 350,000 pallets, inclusive of aircon and cold pallets across the Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and Korea. With LEED Gold certified distribution centres, our warehouses are state-of-the-art logistics facilities equipped with pallet shuttles and conveyors, offering rapid processing for complex orders under peak loads.

Cold Chain

With a sophisticated cold chain infrastructure, we provide over 18,000 cold room pallets to distribute the majority of biologics, including vaccines. Our coverage exceeds international standards for distribution and handling of temperature-sensitive products.

eZCooler: Zuellig Pharma’s Innovative Packaging Solution

The eZCooler doubles product holding times up to 4 days, providing the most reliable shipments in Asia. Its reusable cases are 100% recyclable and non-toxic, adjusting to temperature requirements with a unique thermal enclosure and easy pack-out system.
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Excellence in Risk Management

Zuellig Pharma has been recognised at the FM Global Risk Management Excellence Awards. Our Distribution Centres adhere to FM Global’s rigorous property loss prevention standards and are regularly audited to remain resilient.

Regional Distribution Centre

Our Singapore-based Regional Distribution Centre meets the highest international standards for pharmaceutical and cold chain management, enabling resilient and flexible supply chain operations in Asia. We provide our partners with innovative supply chain solutions for centralisation of regional inventory, product postponement and freight consolidation.

Redressing (& Late Stage Customisation)

With an annual capacity of up to 80 mio finished packs, Our customised services include production redressing, specialty redressing, packing, bill of materials and cold-chain redressing, handled by over 41 GMP-certified work stations.

Zuellig Pharma Specialty Solutions

Our innovative packaging technology enables customisation, streamlining supply chains, and enhancing productivity to save costs for clients.

With over 25 years of experience in export redressing services, our evolved processes such as digital record-keeping and secondary redressing procedures allow us to answer efficient turnarounds and diverse needs.

Secondary repackager in Singapore
GMP Certified
Segregated work stations for secondary repacking activities
Redressing process (manual, integrated semi-automated, fully automated)
Up to 80 mio
Potential annual capacity of finished packs
First in Singapore
To have serialisation capability

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