The World Health Organization officially declared the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic in March 2020. By June 2021, 170 vaccine candidates for COVID-19 had been developed. Of these, 90 were being tested in human clinical trials, 30% had reached Phase 3 and selected vaccines had been authorised for emergency use. There are at least 440 clinical trials with mRNA candidates and at least 140 for viral vectors.

In providing a wide range of services and fostering cooperative partnerships across all domains of healthcare, we seek to leverage the power of collaboration in service of healthcare solutions. We also continue to pursue partnerships with forward-thinking industry leaders.

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Our Roles & Responsibilities in Temperature Management

Zuellig Pharma has established capabilities in providing world-class temperature-controlled ecosystems consisting of warehousing facilities, packaging and temperature monitoring systems, and delivery infrastructure. We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and maintaining product integrity, through practices that meet international regulatory standards. We are certified compliant with Good Storage and Distribution Practice, GDP and GMP (for secondary repackaging) by the British Standard Institution and have passed multiple annual Good Practice audits by clients.

To ensure cold chain integrity, Zuellig Pharma has invested significantly in new solutions to mitigate the risk of temperature excursions. These range from sophisticated temperature management systems in warehouses, to packaging such as the Zuellig Pharma eZCooler, which keeps drugs at the right temperatures for up to five days. This ensures last mile

integrity in Southeast Asia where the climate is humid and transportation infrastructure is limited outside of capital cities. With its phase-change coolants and vacuum insulated panels, the eZCooler provides extended retention capability and has a lifetime of four years. It is also 100% recyclable.

In addition, we use temperature monitors, sensors and track and trace systems along the entire supply chain to maintain the integrity of the drugs we transport every day. Reports are generated at the end of a delivery to confirm no temperature excursions have occurred. Soon, real-time monitoring will pair with the ability to provide instant alerts if temperature trends deviate beyond the safe range so that immediate remedial action can be taken.