Zuellig Pharma has been appointed by the Department of Disease Control to handle and distribute another 20 million doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccines in Thailand. The vaccines will be stored and transported at the required temperature range of -90 degrees to -60 degrees Celsius.

The team has successfully warehoused and transported 1.5 million doses of the vaccines donated to the Thai government by the United States, nationwide, in accordance with all specified standards and to the highest levels of delivery. As a result of successful delivery, the team has once again been selected by the local Department of Disease Control to continue to distribute the vaccines efficiently.

Zuellig Pharma Thailand is the largest pharmaceutical cold-chain logistics provider in the country. To ensure the highest quality and integrity of the temperature-sensitive vaccines to be delivered to the Thai people, the vaccines will be safely stored in specialised freezers within the temperature range of -90 degrees and -60 degrees Celsius in accordance with the product specifications and will be transported in our innovative passive packaging solution.

Zuellig Pharma is confident in our systems and expertise in distribution and logistics management which are specifically designed to ensure the highest quality of delivery. The team is proud to play an important part in the vaccine distribution in the COVID-19 pandemic and continuing our mission of making healthcare more accessible.