Zuellig Pharma announced its commitment to support the Thai Government, through the Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health. Zuellig Pharma will provide warehousing and transportation services without charge for one million doses of COVID-19 Vaccine Moderna donated by the US Government, as part of its ongoing support to the country’s key mission in achieving herd immunity.

Dr. Opart Karnkawinpong, Director-General of the Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health said “The donation of Covid-19 Vaccine Moderna from the US Government to the Thai Government through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be used to serve the public’s beneficial use with the plan to allocate the vaccines to the outbreak areas of Coronavirus 2019. The donated vaccine must not be exploited for other purposes such as re-selling. Furthermore, delivery of the vaccines across the country will require to be temperature-controlled throughout transportation process to ensure its quality being maintained and to support herd immunity building for both Thais and foreigners living in Thailand. With this specific controlled condition, it requires specialty in this area. We are pleased to receive exceptional support from Zuellig Pharma in managing logistics process of the donated vaccines for us as a part of the nation’s mission.”

Ms. Pucknalin Bulakul, Chief Executive of Zuellig Pharma Thailand said,

“We are very honoured and proud to be a part of the supports to the government agencies in serving public benefits. We are pleased to bring our logistics capabilities and expertise in the storage and delivery of the vaccines and to maintain the quality of the donated vaccine until delivery at the destination without charge. This support is aligned with our company’s mission in making healthcare more accessible. We are ready to collaborate with all sectors to achieve the country’s COVID-19 vaccination plan in building herd immunity including responding to the country's re-opening policy so as to drive the economy with balance and efficiency.”

About Department of Disease Control

Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health is one of the government agencies, which brings significance to the advancement of public health. We aim to become a leading organization in academics and technology for disease control and prevention both locally and internationally. The Department of Disease Control also promotes collaborative efforts among local and international networks for the development of experts, knowledge and information sharing, tools, surveillance laws, disease control and prevention, health hazards, as well as specific services with the global standard.