Zuellig Pharma Leads the Way in Fostering More Effective Healthcare Communication

Information on awareness and prevention of disease is not being effectively communicated to patients and the wider healthcare community. Equally, consumer healthcare education initiatives and disease management campaigns are unable to maximize their reach.

This results in negative health outcomes, higher healthcare costs, and increasingly overburdened medical systems.

Now, through its all-encompassing Healthcare Communication and Education Service, Zuellig Pharma offers the following:

  • Marketing communications to hospitals and clinics: This service includes content development, training programs, and the creation of academic newsletters. Zuellig Pharma also organizes events, such as symposia, workshops and exhibitions.
  • Patient education and disease support
  • Public disease awareness campaigns and public health screenings/check ups

As a result of this service, there has been a marked improvement in the way that disease prevention information is communicated to patients and to the healthcare industry as a whole. This in turn has led to increased awareness, better healthcare outcomes, lower healthcare costs, and a more efficient delivery of healthcare.