Zuellig Pharma Provides One-stop-shop Clinical Trial Support

Zuellig Pharma is providing end-to-end clinical trial support for TaiGen Biotehcnology, a Taiwanese pharmaceutical company, as it tests its newly developed drug for community-acquired pneumonia.

Zuellig Pharma Taiwan Business Development Manager Vincent Shyu said Zuellig Pharma has been supporting TaiGen’s trial since it began in 2014 with clinical trial management services including comparator sourcing, storage, distribution and secondary packing.

“We have been working closely with TaiGen to develop and execute a clinical trial strategy that reduces time, risk and cost. We managed negotiations with the manufacturers and wholesalers providing supplies for the trial to ensure they were high quality, authentic and available on time. We are also responsible for the import, redressing and delivery of these supplies to the trial site.”

TaiGen also needs help recruiting and managing patients for the latter phase of the trial which will commence in October 2016. Zuellig Pharma Taiwan Head of Patient Solutions Lily Lan said the company’s integrated approach to clinical trial management means it is uniquely placed to provide this end-to-end support.

“We have recruited study nurses for this phase of the trial. These nurses have referred patients and will support them through the course of this study, including any necessary follow-ups after the trial. Our integrated approach allows us to become a one-stop-shop for all of TaiGen’s clinical trial needs, reducing trial administration and complexity for TaiGen,” Ms Lan concluded.