Zuellig Pharma’s Clinical Trial Support Crucial for Abivax Entry into Asia

Paris-based biotech company Abivax, a lean organisation with limited resources, needed logistics support in order to carry out clinical trials of their Hepatitis B vaccines across Australia, Hong Kong, South Korea, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand where they have no presence.

In choosing to partner with Zuellig Pharma, Abivax is able to leverage our sophisticated regional infrastructure, extensive market knowledge, and experience in multi-market clinical trial support.

The scope of the project leveraged Zuellig Pharma’s experience in clinical trial support as well as our other healthcare solutions including full cold chain distribution, secondary labelling, compliance and procurement.

The products used in Abivax's trial are manufactured in Cuba and required end-to-end cold chain logistics to transport them to the AsiaPacific region. The products, consisting of two types of Hepatitis B vaccines and a nasal spray, required specific temperature control at all points of distribution. The former requiring a 2c-8c cold chain, the latter requiring 15c-25c for strict legal compliance and temperature control across and within all countries.

With our eZCooler reusable cold chain packaging system, Zuellig Pharma is uniquely positioned to transfer the drugs to all the countries in which the trials take place.

Zuellig Pharma also supported Abivax through its secondary-labelling expertise, developing a multi-lingual label booklet and a patient kit, both of which were designed and completed in compliance with strict global standards and specifications.

This on-going multi-market project, which commenced in November 2014, is expected to be completed by September 2019.