Zuellig Pharma’s Comprehensive Support Program Yields Improved Adherence and Health Outcomes

Low levels of effective patient education and support, coupled with inconsistent end-to-end services, have resulted in low adherence rates and sub-optimal health outcomes across Asia-Pacific.

By providing large pharmaceutical companies with end-to-end services to support their patient programs and deliver targeted education and support, Zuellig Pharma Patient Solutions has helped improve patient adherence in the region.

The initiative includes the following:

  • a feasibility study
  • doctor and patient enrolment
  • promotion
  • detailing and collecting enrolment forms in participating pharmacies through the Zuellig Pharma trade marketing team
  • nurse-led proactive disease management support
  • provision of a contact centre to collect patient details and provide follow-up services

Since the inception of this comprehensive program in six countries, covering multiple therapeutic areas, over 50,100 patients have received services. This has led to marked increases in patient adherence rates, as high as 300% in the Philippines.

In addition, 70% of patients started or increased an exercise routine, 80% made positive changes to their diet, and 100% completed recommended testing at the prescribed intervals. Some 95% would continue taking the medication because of the program, while over 95% were very satisfied with the support provided.