Our operations are focused on partnering with our suppliers to build a healthier future for Asia.
We prioritise integrity and recognise suppliers' sustainability efforts. Our partnerships aim to meet the needs of healthcare professionals and patients while improving the reliability, quality, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability of the healthcare supply chain. By collaborating with our suppliers, we can increase healthcare accessibility for everyone.

Sustainable Procurement

We prioritise sustainable procurement to build trust and strong relationships with businesses. Our focus is on positive outcomes and cost efficiency while complying with sustainability regulations. As supply chains integrate, we work together towards sustainable procurement.

Supplier Code Of Conduct

We partner with suppliers to promote sustainability and follow the Zuellig Pharma Supplier Code of Conduct. Our goal is to comply with sustainability laws and standards while prioritising ethics, fair labor practices, environmental care, health and safety, and reporting. We work with our main suppliers to improve sustainability together.
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Supplier Sustainability Awards

Our Supplier Sustainability Awards recognise suppliers for their efforts and achievements in operating sustainably, as well as sustainability innovations generated through mutual collaboration.
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Supplier Diversity

Our supplier diversity strategy aligns with our sustainability approach. We support workplace diversity and extend this to our supplier base. We prioritise building and maintaining relationships with diverse businesses and developing local suppliers.

Becoming Our Supplier

We operate a diligent supplier selection, tendering and accreditation process and request for suppliers to comply to our procedures, contractual conditions and payment standards. If you are interested to work with us, please email us at:


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