Counting down to the launch of Granulox


11 July 2017

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Zuellig Pharma Thailand Business Manager Wound Care, Noppadol Niamklaew is helping to drive the launch of Granulox – an innovative new wound care product. We talk to Noppadol about his role and why he is excited to be launching Granulox in Asia.

How do you view Granulox’s prospects in Asia?

Granulox is a game changer for the wound care market. It is the first product in this therapeutic class to focus on increased oxygenation – a breakthrough that heals chronic wounds in half the time and at half the cost. It is the first wound care innovation in many years that is not a dressing and has huge potential to improve the quality of life of patients across the region. I am very excited to be part of the team bringing it to Asia.

What work is underway to launch Granulox?

We have 3 key launch phases. The first is the pre-launch phase where we create awareness by presenting Granulox’s clinical outcomes to wound care professionals and key opinion leaders. This is followed by the soft launch phase – which we are in the midst of in Thailand, our first launch market. This is where we build the market’s knowledge of the product and ensure the wound care ecosystem understands how it should be used. One of our recent soft launch activities in Thailand was hosting a medical symposium during the wound care association’s annual meeting. We then move into the official launch, which will take place in Thailand in 2018. We will also be launching Granulox in Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore next year and are currently working through the launch plans for each market.

How have healthcare professionals reacted to Granulox during these two initial launch phases in Thailand?

They are excited! We had to overcome some skepticism as this is the first wound care product that promotes oxygen as a key part of the healing process but when doctors saw first-hand the results it is able to deliver, they soon began to believe in Granulox as a break-through solution. One nurse from Thailand’s Navy hospital recently shared the results from three of his patients that have been using Granulox. They showed drastic improvements within 1-2 months of using Granulox and were discharged early, saving them on treatment cost as well.

Tell us a little more about yourself and the role you will play in launching Granulox.

I joined Zuellig Pharma last year in November. I have more than 15 years’ experience in the healthcare sector with over 3 years of experience in managing wound care products. When I learnt about Granulox and its potential to help patients, I knew that that I wanted to be part of bringing this product to Asia. I am doing this in a number of key ways. I will be leading the launch of the brand in Thailand and am currently working in a 12-month regional secondee role where I will work closely with the other markets on the development of their launch plans.