Hong Kong continues its rollercoaster ride, with the economy appearing weak, particularly in the retail sector. The impact on the healthcare industry is seen through the decline of the OTC sector but there are encouraging signs on the specialty front so the sector overall is still showing highsingle digit growth.

Politically, it is expected to be an uncertain year in Hong Kong, with the Chief Executive election in March. The winner will be voted in by a 1,200-member election committee. The local political scene is also highly charged after recent post-Legislative Council election events and discourse in Hong Kong and Mainland China. The hope is for calmer waters after the Chief Executive election to turn the focus on advancing Hong Kong and its people.

In Macau, there have been signs of an economic recovery Hong Kong & Macau Uncertain times in Hong Kong views from the region A round-up of reports from our offices around the region outlining the news and events that are shaping their businesses and redefining the healthcare industry despite the on-going anti-corruption campaign. But the healthcare sector has tumbled and shows continuing weakness with no clear direction from the authorities.

The recent release of a government audit report relating to Hospital Authority services in Hong Kong has triggered public debate and reinforced the view that the city has a sound system for evaluating its public services and taking appropriate steps to tackle future challenges, such as chronic disease treatments, an aging population, and primary care network development.

Last year was a busy year for Zuellig Pharma in Hong Kong and Macau. The company successfully implemented its new electronic resource planning (ERP) system (SAP), along with all the associated changes. It is now looking forward to reaping the benefits in 2017 and exploring the exciting opportunities for services to the healthcare community that lie ahead.



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